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Why Do Most People Grind Their Teeth?

Posted on 8/10/2019 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
Why Do Most People Grind Their Teeth?Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause many different problems. Cracked, chipped, loose or lost teeth are just a few of the things that can happen when teeth grinding is left untreated. There are many different things to do to help treat teeth grinding, but the solution often starts with finding out the cause for the teeth grinding. Some of the reasons are more common than others.

Bruxism Happens When You Sleep

One of the clues to why most people grind their teeth is found in the times that they do it. There are people that grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety, but more people grind their teeth while they sleep.

The most common cause for grinding the teeth when you sleep is temporomandibular joint disorder. These joints connect the jaw to the skull. If they do not align properly or have some other issue, they cause a variety of symptoms such as teeth grinding.

There are other reasons for teeth grinding while you sleep. The use of caffeine and alcohol can cause you to grind your teeth while you sleep. People who have crooked or missing teeth are also more likely to grind their teeth. People with sleep apnea may suffer from this issue as well.

What to Do
The hardest part of dealing with teeth grinding is knowing it happens. Because it happens while you sleep, you often find out from someone else or when you notice damage from the grinding. Once you recognize the problem, there are several ways to deal with it. Oral appliances are often the most common way to prevent damage from teeth grinding, although it is also possible to take steps to deal with the TMJ disorders.

More people grind their teeth than you may think. It is a problem that if you are not aware will cause a lot of damage. That is why it is something to learn about before it is too late.

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