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What in the World is Microdontia?

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
What in the World is Microdontia?We all are aware of how genetics can play a role in someone's overall health. What you may not know is your genetics can play a role in not only the straightness of your teeth but also their shape and size.

Microdontia is when you have teeth that are much smaller than others around them. They can appear to be baby teeth. It can cause problems with appearance, bite, and chewing. Read on for more information on what microdontia is and how we treat it.

What is Microdontia?

“Micro” means small and “dontia” means of or relating to teeth. A person who has one or more tiny teeth smaller than the rest is known as having a case of microdontia. There are many cases where the teeth have tiny roots, while the crown exterior of the tooth is normal-sized. This can cause problems between teeth fitting together properly or being able to chew properly. Some cases also cause speech impediments.

What Options Are Available for Microdontia Treatment?

The first much more affordable option is called composite bonding. This is where we apply a clay, tooth-colored substance to the affected tooth. We shape is until it resembles the other teeth and is fully sized. It is then hardened and polished until it blends in. The composites we use today are very strong, they match well, and resist any type of staining. The next option is to have a crown put on.

This is a tooth covered shell that covers the tooth. They are made from either porcelain or ceramic. The last option is to have veneers put on. They are somewhat expensive and fully cap the front surface of the smaller tooth. They have a life span of a decade or more with proper care.

If you or someone you know is struggling with microdontia, our office is here to help. For questions or further information, call us today. 

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