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There Are Some Cracks Which Are Normal in Teeth

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
There Are Some Cracks Which Are Normal in TeethIt is common to have cracks in teeth. As a matter of fact, a large population of the industrialized world walks around with cracks in their teeth. Are they a matter of concern? That depends on several factors.

Here is an example. You are brushing your teeth one night and notice that there is a crack on your lateral canine. You panic at first and eventually tell yourself it's probably nothing. A few weeks in and the crack pretty much stays the same and becomes more of an annoyance and less of a dental problem. These are known as craze lines.

What Causes Craze Lines?

Craze lines are superficial cracks that occur on teeth. They are deemed superficial because they are limited to the outer enamel and do not go beyond. They remain the same over a long period of time and rarely enlarge. Craze lines are more of a cosmetic issue than an actual dental problem. Some craze lines disappear over time but those that don't are able to be hidden by a visit to our office for a professional tooth whitening procedure.

Craze lines are commonly caused by excessive pressure when biting. They may also occur due to variations in the temperature of foods. The normal aging process may also contribute to craze lines. Sometimes a blow to the mouth and any other oral trauma may also cause craze lines. On rare occasions, craze lines occur with no underlying cause.

What Should I do When I Notice Craze Lines?

You should always call us as the first step when you notice cracks in your teeth. The next step is to closely monitor the crack to see whether it's enlarging or pretty much stays the same. Take note of whether the crack is accumulating dirt which may lead to an infection. Last but not least, make peace in the fact that some of these cracks are normal in teeth and should not cause you any sleepless nights.

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