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What Does Flossing Remove from Between Your Teeth?

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
What Does Flossing Remove from Between Your Teeth?The continual and consistent use of floss first and foremost aids in the removal of plaque, which, of course, leads to tartar. The very use of floss helps your teeth shine brighter by the removal of the plaque and the excess particles of food that may not be able to be seen in a mirror or in the areas in the back of your mouth that your toothbrush won't or cannot easily reach.

Flossing is an opportunity to look inside your mouth and really examine what might be going on in there. Is there any redness or swelling? Take a good look at your gums and teeth, tongue, your cheeks. Look for any bumps, lesions, sores, redness as these are all signs of a problem.

The Extra Benefits of Flossing

The practice of daily oral hygiene and flossing keeps you healthy in so many other ways, besides just keeping your teeth healthy. Although there is more significant evidence needed to prove this there is an ever-increasing awareness if you will or evidence that there is a significant link between periodontal disease and increased risk of heart disease. It is believed by some that with an infection of the mouth, like any infection, it can increase inflammatory levels and blood substances, which by their very nature promote blood clots that slow the blood flow to the heart. The other theory then is that if a mouth has a bacterial infection, it can easily enter the blood stream and have a tremendous effect on the heart.

There is no direct evidence to dieting and flossing, but there are plenty of stories that say it does help when you are dieting if you brush right after your meal you are less tempted to snack, and thus helps you to lose weight. It's not realistic to think you can always brush in the middle of the day, but you can do a quick floss after a meal sitting at your desk or driving in the car and promote good oral hygiene and it will just make your mouth and teeth feel fresher and cleaner.

A few words to the wise though, when you start to reach for a healthy snack, the popular choices such as pretzels and dried fruits are healthy, but like to stick to your teeth and the dried fruits are high in sugar, which causes tooth decay along with bacteria. Every choice seems like a bad one. The good news is, fortunately, all you need to do is just floss (plus brush and see us regularly) to keep your teeth clean. Just don't undermine your health efforts at the expense of your oral health care. Contact our office today to find out more.

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