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A Healthy White Smile Can Help People Remember You

Posted on 3/30/2020 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
A Healthy White Smile Can Help People Remember YouMany say that your smile is what says hello before you do. We in the dental world take this as the gospel truth. Smiles have changed nations, mended broken relationships, and created new ones. A good smile can mean the difference between a successful job interview and a rejection.

Smiles are what the world perceives as representative of you. And rightfully so, as the most memorable smiles in our minds were either the brightest or the strangest. If you are looking to leave behind an impression that will last, you better start smiling now.

The Features of a Memorable Smile

The first feature of a memorable smile is the whiteness of the teeth. The whiter the teeth the more memorable you are likely to be. What do you think of when you think of toothpaste adverts? The brightness in the smile! It's what anyone would picture when they think of a toothpaste advertisement.
The second feature of a memorable smile is good dental hygiene.

Regardless of what you have to say, nobody wants to listen to a revolutionary speech from a mouth that stinks. Good oral hygiene with a set of clean and fresh smelling teeth is what captures the crowd. It is therefore important that you keep your dental cleanings and check-ups with our office regular.

The other feature of a memorable smile is a perfect set of symmetrical teeth. There is something totally captivating about a set of teeth that give the impression of perfection. When all your teeth, regardless of size, are aligned, nobody is likely to forget you or your smile anytime soon.

The final characteristic of a memorable smile is confidence. Your confidence always precedes you in any situation. If you have a beautiful but shy smile, you are less likely to be remembered compared to a confident, not-so-perfect smile. Regardless of where your smile is at right now, our team of dental professionals is more than willing to work with you through the restorative process of regaining your confidence and memorable smile. Come see us and walk out with a beautiful and confident smile.

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