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Dental Reasons to Never Get an Oral Piercing

Posted on 4/30/2020 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
Dental Reasons to Never Get an Oral Piercing Some of our patients, we find, enjoy getting their ears and noses pierced for trend or fashion reasons. Some patients even like having their tongue pierced. However, we discourage this practice, as it can lead to problems with their dental health. The information below will detail why we advise our patients against oral piercing.

Why Oral Piercings are Bad for a Person's Oral Health

An oral piercing, which involves the tongue or lip, can lead to swellings and infection. That is because the mouth is filled with bacteria. In fact, people with heart disease can have heart valve problems, as a result of this practice. When you have any type of oral piercing done, you increase your risk of infection by as much as 20%. Besides infection, you may experience oral bleeding, drooling, and nerve damage. One of the conditions that results from tongue or lip piercings is Ludwig's angina. This condition results when too much bacteria accumulates beneath the tongue. In turn, the tongue swells, causing the patient problems with eating or speaking.

What Can Happen When You Add the Jewelry

Dental problems may include damaged gums, cracked teeth, broken fillings, and decayed-damaged teeth. What you end up paying for dental work is not worth the initial cost of the tongue piercing. Moreover, the piercing jewelry that is used pulls and pushes against the gums and teeth, which can lead to some major dental problems. For instance, the gum tissue may become damaged and dental restorations and fillings may come loose. What you pay for the piercing is not worth what you will pay later in dental repairs and potential discomfort. Needless to say, we strongly advise against this type of adornment. If you would like to correct a dental problem connected with oral piercings, we can help you with your oral health needs. Simply give us a call and arrange for an exam and consultation. Our staff can assist with all your dental health needs.

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