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What a Gum Graft Can Do for Those with Receding Gums

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Louis Taglia Jr. DDS
Many people often ask what exactly receding gums are. Most people aren't really even aware of what causes them or what their effects are. To put it simply, receding gums are a reduction in the mass or volume of your gums, which create the appearance of longer teeth and expose more of the lower and root part of the tooth. This is usually the result of poor oral care or advanced gum disease, though not always. A gum graft is a simple surgical procedure that can help to correct this issue, depending on the severity and stage of the gum loss. Here are a few details about what it can do: Provide Better Overall Function To give you a basic idea, an oral surgeon removes small pieces of healthy gum from the roof of the patients' mouth and grafts it on at the gum line to help stimulate growth and tooth reattachment. This, in turn, leads to increased stability and bite strength, as well as improved chewing ability and other benefits. This is usually a quick procedure, and the recovery time is also very fast. Most patients can return to work the following day. Improve Visual Appearance In addition to the obvious functional benefits that a gum graft can provide, the visual improvement is also something that cannot be overlooked. The truth is that our confidence and self-esteem are heavily tied into our smile and the appearance of our teeth. When the gums are red and inflamed or as it is in this case, receding, it can cause embarrassment and insecurity. This procedure can greatly improve the overall look of our smile. We invite all of those reading this informative post to get in contact with our offices for any further questions that you may have....

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