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Aesthetic Gum Lift
Elmwood Park, IL

Woman with white teeth and a big smile after getting an aesthetic gum lift at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILWhen you think about your smile, the first thing that comes to mind most likely is your teeth. While your teeth might be the center of your smile, your gums are an important part of it as well. Too much gum tissue around one or more teeth is going to distract from your smile. That does not mean that your gums need to stay that way. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we want to give you gums that you love as well as beautiful teeth. We can do this with an aesthetic gum lift.

How an Aesthetic Gum Lift Can Improve Your Smile

Many people do not realize that something can be done to get rid of the gummy look to their smiles. Here is what you will want to know about an aesthetic gum lift.

With an aesthetic gum lift, we will remove the extra gum from your mouth. It is a procedure that used to be done with a scalpel, but now it is usually done with a dental laser instead. With the dental laser, there is less blood and quicker regeneration. We will use general anesthesia, and the procedure will not take long.

During the actual procedure, we will remove the excess tissue that is near the tooth. We might need to remove a small amount of bone as well, but that is not always the case. We can remove the tissue from just near one tooth, or we can remove it from several.

There are some cosmetic benefits to an aesthetic gum lift. Without the excess gum tissue, your teeth will look larger. Too much gum tissue can sometimes make a healthy tooth look small and deformed, and that will no longer be the case. We can also even out your gums with an aesthetic gum lift, giving you a better smile overall.

While the primary purpose of an aesthetic gum lift is cosmetic, it can also help to improve your overall oral health. When you have too much gum tissue in your mouth, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Without the extra tissue, the bacteria will not be able to spread there.

We will also sometimes perform an aesthetic gum lift for other procedures as well. We will sometimes need to perform one if you have a cavity and your gums are getting in the way of it. We will also sometimes include an aesthetic gum lift when applying a crown. This will make it easier to make sure that the crown is in its proper place.

You want for all parts of your mouth to look great and to also be healthy. An aesthetic gum lift can help with both of those things. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we would like to let you know more about it. Call us at (312) 675-4624. There is no reason why you should live with a smile that you do not like. We want to help you to have beautiful and healthy teeth and gums, so contact us today.

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Aesthetic Gum Lift | Taglia Advanced Dentistry - Elmwood Park, IL
Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we want to give you gums that you love as well as beautiful teeth. We can do this with an aesthetic gum lift. Learn more here.
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