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Chipped Tooth Repair
Elmwood Park, IL

Woman smiling after getting her chipped teeth repaired through biomimetic dentistry at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILOur teeth are in constant use; we use them for eating, speaking, and they make hundreds of fleeting contacts with nearby teeth a day which promotes bone health. Besides that, our teeth are constantly exposed to bacteria, even just from the air we breathe. Damage, at some point, is likely to occur. Teeth can become chipped and fractured. The biomimetic treatment for chipped tooth repair involves improving and restoring the tooth using minimally invasive solutions. Our staff at Taglia Advanced Dentistry cares about your health, we are here to assist in the care of your dental needs while promoting the strength that is already present.

When Teeth Get Chipped

Teeth can become damaged from a fall, an impact injury, or from biting down on something that was too hard, chips and fractures can surprise you. Sometimes the damage is painful and sometimes it’s hardly noticeable. When a tooth is chipped or fractured, you should always seek help from a professional, like Dr. Louis Taglia, Jr.. Our team will want to assess the damage and discuss the right treatment for your situation. We may be able to observe larger damage than you were aware of and discuss treatment options with you, never assume the damage is insignificant. A fractured tooth may allow space for bacteria to enter and then infection can arise.

The Biomimetic Advantage with Chipped Teeth

Biomimetic treatments work to seal the tooth while avoiding unnecessary disturbance. We strive to rebuild the tooth while attempting to not remove any additional portion of the enamel or impacting the natural structure as much as possible. Dr. Louis Taglia, Jr. will utilize dental bonding techniques in an attempt to seal the tooth from bacteria being able to enter without adding more stress to the structure.

Traditional methods frequently jump to adhering prosthetic devices to the tooth, such as dental veneers or crowns. Though we understand the value in prosthetic devices, we see them as a last resort, versus a priority. Prosthetic devices are sometimes needed and important, but we place the priority on the natural structure that your body has created itself. Biomimetic medicine seeks to understand the balance that we already naturally have, placing a device in your mouth throws that balance off. If we can repair and restore the tooth through a bonding technique, it will leave a majority of the natural tooth in place which is overall best for your health.

The biomimetic method of repairing a tooth following a chip or fracture includes:
•  Cleaning: We clean the area to avoid any bacteria coming in contact with the fracture site. We may use an air abrasion tool to assist in the preparation before restoration. The air abrasion is used to remove the smallest possible portion of a tooth, this is only to remove any decay.
•  Filling: We then use a bonding material to fill the space, sealing the inner portion of the tooth from outside bacteria. We want to cause as little impact to the tooth structure as possible. All restoration work is done to be as close to, or even mimic, the natural structure as possible.
Larger Fracture: If the fracture is large, we may discuss a prosthetic device known as an inlay or an onlay. This device is what is known as a partial crown, meaning it is customized to fit just the severely damaged portion. Again, our goal is to have as little impact on the natural structure as a possible.

For more information on biomimetic care, or the repairing of teeth following chips or fractures, contact our Elmwood Park office at: (312) 757-6434

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