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DURAthin ™ and Micro-thin™ Veneers
Elmwood Park, IL

Prep-Less, Noninvasive, & Painless Veneers

Just like old-fashioned veneers, DURAthin™ and Micro-thin™ veneers are custom-made thin coatings of porcelain designed to change your teeth and improve your beautiful smile. The only differences are that with these prep-less veneers none of your natural enamel is removed, we don’t touch your teeth, and it’s totally reversible! If you qualify for Micro-thin™ or DURAthin™ veneers, we will customize the porcelain to go on top of your teeth without doing any drilling or shaving… making this a painless option.

The innovative DURAthin™ veneers and Micro-thin™ veneers, developed by Dr. Wells and dental lab technician Mark Willes, are changing the way we approach cosmetic dentistry. This groundbreaking technique removes some of the concerns you may have about removing healthy tooth enamel with traditional dental veneers.

The Benefits Of DURAthin Technology

•  No need to remove healthy enamel from your teeth
•  Looks completely natural like the rest of your mouth
•  This process is 100% reversible!
•  Whitens your discolored teeth
•  Enlarges small and/or worn teeth
•  Reduces any gaps
•  Widens narrow arches

Are You A Candidate For These NEW Prepless Veneers?

Many people can benefit from DURAthin™ technology, especially those patients who have had a tooth previously extracted for orthodontic reasons, can be great candidates for this amazing procedure. Also, patients with small or worn teeth may qualify. This newer veneer option is not for everyone with these conditions though. Only certain patients will qualify after we perform our in-house evaluation. We are proud and committed in providing cutting edge and noninvasive dentistry to as many of our Elmwood Park, Oak Park, River Forest and other local patients as possible.

To learn more about DURAthin veneers or make an appointment, call our cosmetic dental office at (312) 675-4624 or schedule an appointment online today.

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DURAthin and Micro-thin Veneers | Taglia Advanced Dentistry - Elmwood Park, IL
DURAthin and Micro-thin veneers are custom-made thin coatings of porcelain designed to change your teeth and improve your beautiful smile. Click here to learn more.
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