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Dental Bonding
Elmwood Park, IL

Young black man smiling after getting dental bonding at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILEveryone wants to have a perfect smile. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. There are imperfections in every smile, and every mouth. That does not mean that you have to live with all of those imperfections. If you have a chipped tooth, or if you have a gap that you wish that you could get rid of, you need to contact us here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry. There could be things that we can do that will make those imperfections all but go away. One of those things is bonding.

What Is Bonding?

With bonding, we can reshape a tooth, or fix a problem with it. Bonding is a great way to fix small problems, without any major surgery.

With bonding, we will use a composite resin. We will apply it to your tooth, and then we will shape it so that it will look natural. The composite resin is the same color as your tooth, so no one will be able to tell that you had work done.

Bonding is used to repair chips out of a tooth. It can also be used for a crack, or if part of the tooth is missing.

With bonding, we can also fill small gaps in your smile. Bonding is also used in some patients if they have a tooth that is too small.

One of the things that many patients like about bonding is the price. It is one of the more affordable cosmetic procedures that we do and more affordable than a crown. Since some insurance companies do not cover cosmetic work, you will be happy to see how affordable bonding is.

Once your tooth has been bonded, it will look natural. You will want to remember that it is there, however. While the bond will be strong, that does not mean that you should be careless. If you chew ice, you should stop. You also need to make sure that you do not bite your fingernails or bite on the cap of a pen. These can loosen the bond over time.

As far as care is concerned, it would help if you treated the bond the same way that you treat the rest of your teeth. You will need to brush after each meal and also at night before you go to bed. You will want to floss as normal as well. If you do not use it already, add mouthwash to your routine. Look for a mouthwash that has fluoride in it.

You will also want to try to avoid foods that can stain your teeth because you do not want to stain your bond. You can have them from time to time, but make sure that you brush your teeth as soon as possible after consuming a food or beverage that is known to stain.

If you are looking to improve an imperfection in your smile, bonding might be the solution. It will take care of small problems that make you self-conscious. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we would like to talk to you about all of the ways that we can fix your imperfections. Call (312) 675-4624 to make an appointment.

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If you have a chipped tooth or a gap that you wish that you could get rid of, contact us here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry and we could help with dental bonding.
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