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Ridge Augmentation
Elmwood Park, IL

Assistant holding an extracted tooth at Taglia Advanced Dentistry in Elmwood Park, ILWhen we remove a tooth here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, it is known as a tooth extraction. When we extract a tooth, we do not take only the tooth. We will remove the root of the tooth as well. That means that there will be a socket that is left open. The socket used to have the root in it. Given time, the socket will heal on its own. It will fill with tissue and also bone.

In many cases, we will leave it alone. There are some cases, though, where we will instead decide to take care of the socket ourselves. That is known as ridge augmentation.

What Is Ridge Augmentation? Why Is It Sometimes Necessary?

Ridge augmentation is a common procedure after a tooth extraction. Here is what you are going to want to know about it. With a ridge augmentation, we will fill the socket with bone granules. This is known as either bone grafting or bone regeneration. The bone granules are the size of sand. They will eventually bond with the bone that is already in your mouth, and the granules will become part of your mouth.

The first reason why we might perform a ridge augmentation is simply so that the new hole will fit the feel of and will match the rest of your mouth. You do not want to have a gaping hole in your gums and be able to feel where the tooth was in your jawline. You also do not want to risk that food will end up in the hole, which could lead to gum disease and other problems.

The other main reason for ridge augmentation is if you are going to receive a dental implant where the tooth was. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that looks and feel just like the natural tooth did. With an implant, we will place a screw in your jaw. After that heals, we will place a crown on top, and it will look real. The problem with an implant is that you need to have enough bone in your jaw to be able to support the implant. Otherwise, the screw will not set, and you will not be able to get the implant. With a ridge augmentation, you will have enough bone in your jaw, so you should be able to have the implant.

If you are worried about the pain with the ridge augmentation, there is no need to worry. The pain will be minimal or nonexistent. If you have had a tooth extracted, there could be some pain, but it will not be because of the ridge augmentation.

Taking care of your teeth is important, but that does not mean that you will never have a problem. Here at Taglia Advanced Dentistry, we are in the problem-solving business, at least when it comes to dental issues. Please call (312) 675-4624 and make an appointment, especially if you have not been in to see us in a while. We want to help you to get back on the right dental track.

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